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  • Giving History of Fossils Public Appeal

    "For a paleontologist, every day is traveling through time and being an explorer who can discover a new species, or uncover a page of history that no one knew even existed," said Thomas A. Stidham, a world-renowned expert in the fossil recording and evolution of birds.

  • China Rings Out the Year of Achievements

    At the advent of 2023, one more memorable and eventful year of my life has elapsed. Just like the last two years, I also ushered in this new year in China, far from home. While looking back on the outgoing year, I could see China's many achievements in 2022.

  • Egyptian Media Expert's Notebook about China

    Hala Metwally, an Egyptian media expert, has been fascinated with China's historical legacy and cultural achievements since she was a young girl. She kept clipping articles from the newspaper about China and has been keeping a China -related "notebook" of sorts for years.

  • Guanren Community Makes Expats Feel at Home

    On December 17, the Guanren Community Branch of the Xiamen Service Center for Foreign experts hosted an event focused on enhancing international community services for foreign experts currently living in China.

  • Prosperity of China Brings Opportunities for the All

    In April of 2006, 52-year-old? ?mer Sahin Ganiyusufoglu, a member of German National Academy of Science and Engineering, accepted an offer to work at a Sino-German joint venture in a Chinese coastal city? Dalian, which began the first chapter of the German's China story.

  • Regenerative Medicine Expertise Cultivated Through Sino-Irish Cooperation

    Professor Timothy O'Brien, a world-renowned Irish expert in the field of regenerative medicine working at Hebei Medical University (HEBMU), was awarded the Chinese Government Friendship Award in 2022.

  • Innovation Drives China's Development

    As the world's second-largest economy, China aims to become a global driver in the high-tech product market, to move from an investment-based to a knowledge-based economy.

  • Saudi Youths Inspired by President Xi's Reply to Their Letter

    "It came as a great and pleasant surprise to me that President Xi Jinping managed to reply to our letter despite his busy schedule," said Alruwaili Faisal Sabti, one of the Chinese learners and enthusiasts who wrote a letter to the Chinese leader and recently received a reply.

  • Hunan Opens First Book House for Expats

    On November 9, 2022, the first book house for?foreign experts in Hunan province?was opened in Changsha (Yanghu Lake) International Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Base.

  • STCSM Provides Efficient Online Manual Service

    To provide more convenient services for people and enterprises, the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM) launched an online manual service at the beginning of August for Foreigner's Work Permits in China, identification and registration of technology development contracts.

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RCEP Adds Momentum to Cooperation

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the largest free trade agreement among the Asia-Pacific nations, is boosting trade and investment through reduced tariffs, adding momentum to cooperation among its member nations.

Dumping Nuclear Wastewater into Pacific: Japan can't be Final Judge

All concerns related to transboundary issues should be top of the public agenda, and be decided by all the stakeholders.